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No matter what your requirements are- L8 Water hygiene is here to help. We provide compliant solutions for every aspect of legionella control and water management.

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There are various factors that can contribute to legionella contamination in your water systems. We can provide control measures to mitigate the vast majority of them. Our engineers have a combined industry experience of over 100 years and have carried out works on almost every type of water system. Additionally, each of our engineers are qualified plumbers; so no matter your queries or concerns, we are equipped to provide high quality resolutions.


Our services include but are not limited to;

  • Legionella risk assessments
  • Installation and de commissioning of hot and cold water systems.
  • Disinfection and maintenance of cold water storage tanks or mains line pipework
  • Relining of cold water storage tanks ( re-paint internal surfaces)
  • Supply and installation of water softeners and chlorine dioxide dosing systems.
  • Disinfection and maintenance of hot water systems
  • Thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) servicing and maintenance
  • RPZ valve installation and servicing
  • Expansion vessel servicing and maintenance
  • Removal of dead end pipework
  • Pre commissioning disinfections
  • Endoscopic inspection of pipework and calorifiers.
  • Provision of legionella control measures and maintenance tasks
  • Provision of log books and record systems
  • Spa pool/ jacuzzi legionella control
  • High risk system legionella control i.e. cooling towers and sprinkler systems.
  • ACOP L8 compliant plumbing and remedial works
  • Legionella training courses
  • Installation and disinfection of commercial heating systems

About this Process

Additional services we offer include:

If we can help with any of these services please get in touch and talk with one of our engineers.



  • System design, installation and maintenance
  • Plumbing modifications and remedial works
  • Provision of logbooks and legionella control schemes
  • Legionella training for site responsible persons
  • Professional schematic drawings

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ACOP L8 Legionella Risk Assessment

ACOP L8 Legionella Risk Assessment

Top-to-Bottom assessment of the water systems at your establishment, identifying areas of risk and concern. 

L8 & Water Hygiene Monitoring Program

Water Hygiene Monitoring Program

Ongoing monitoring of water systems at your premises, early identification and remedy. This will enable ACOP Compliance and peace of mind.

cooling towers and boiler systems

Chemical Dosing Water Systems with Chlorine Dioxide

Regular chemical dosing an existing water system with chlorine dioxide will remove Legionella bacteria build-up and keep your premises compliant

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