ACOP L8 Legionella Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is paramount to Legionella control, we provide one of the most comprehensive risk assessments in the industry

Comprehensive ACOP L8 Legionella risk assessment

L8 water hygiene have extensive knowledge and expertise of the factors that contribute to legionella risk and have carried out risk assessments for a variety of sectors across the UK. Whether you have a spa pool or a high-risk population, our risk assessments are specific to the potential risks at your site and are compliant with the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice on Legionella Prevention, L8 and HSG274 Part 2 

With a comprehensive ACOP L8 Legionella risk assessment, a business owner or landlord will have a thorough understanding of their water systems.


A Legionella risk assessment can help to determine whether…

• Water temperature in any parts of a system is between 20–45C

• Whether water is re-circulated or stored in a system

• Organic matter, debris, rust and sludge are present in a water system

• The water system has conditions that encourage bacteria to live and grow

• Whether water droplets or aerosols could be produced and dispersed from the system

With this information, potential sources of risk will be identified and effective measures will be put in place to control or eliminate these risks. Arrangements will then be made to review control measures regularly and results will need to be monitored periodically.

Many people ask L8 Water Hygiene whether or not a risk assessment is required within a system that does not store hot or cold water. The answer is, of course, yes. Even if your system does not store water there are multiple other factors within a water system that potentially enable Legionella bacteria growth.

For more information about Legionella testing and risk assessments, do not hesitate to get in touch with L8 Water Hygiene today.

About this Process

Our engineers assess every area of your premises. This will highlight areas of risk and concern. This will help you understand your water systems with the aid of schematic drawings.


  • Professional Engineers
  • Logbook audit
  • Detailed risk
  • Schematic Drawing
Cold water storage tank legionella assessment

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